Meg Ward – Phenol House EP

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Meg Ward drops the first solo artist release of 2020 on Monday 9th March.

The heavy-hitting Phenol House EP takes old school rave beats and twists them into alternative underground slammers. By combining hard house and techno elements, then blending in electro and acid tweaks the results are three club-ready juggernauts, perfect for dance floor consumption. As well as delving into her own distinctive producing methods, Meg Ward’s inspiration for the EP primarily comes from her experiences within the UK dance music scene, especially those Newcastle’s infamous clubland.

On the subject of the Phenol House tracks, Meg had this to say;

Phenol House:
“Phenol is a simple structured, yet very potent chemical- which is similar to what I’ve tried to make this whole EP. It’s highly reactive and can cause damage. The track itself is inspired by the rave-style house that is so common in the sets of some of my favourite artists, but with my own twist on it.”

“The amped-up bass on this track is inspired by the heavy-hitting heroes in the 90s, e.g. the prodigy. Also, the name comes from the thought of having a hit of a cigarette after coming up from a pinger. Sterling is a cheap brand of cigarettes.”

Twelve Twelve:
“This song is essentially the combination between a 909 and a 303. 909 + 303 = 1212. Also, This song has a lot of me just saying stupid stuff into the mic. “take control of my mind” – which is pretty much what I love DJs to do when I see them live.”





Meg Ward is a fast-rising djing and producing talent rising with Newcastle’s famous nightclub scene. Behind the decks, she is known for her high energy and on point eclectic selections, matched with a huge performing personality.

Her Tuesday residency at the underground party, Ill behaviour has seen her become a firm favourite at the Cosmic Ballroom venue. Additionally, she has rocked the floors of APE-X at Digital and Off the Record at MSA, making a big impression every time she plays.

These nights have seen her support acts such as Bicep, Amelie Lens, KETTAMA, Sally C, Brame & Hamo, Salary Boy and Folamour. Her 2020 schedule looks set to be another fantastic year with gigs lined up across the U.K including dates in London and Aberdeen.

Her tracks encompass a sound that blends old school elements with modern production techniques, covering a multitude of rave genres including house, techno, disco and breakbeat.

Her unique sampling style intertwines acid patterns, heavy drum kicks and high octane synths to create lethal club-ready cuts. These releases have seen support from the likes of Patrick Topping, DJ Sneak, Mark Blair and Demuja

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