REES – Panoramic Love EP

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Taking us on a journey of neo-nostalgia for ZF003 is Northern UK artist REES. Over the past year, he has taken steps in sculpting his own distinct Italo-disco-esque style, taking influence from both his eclectic record collection and extensive touring experiences. The Panoramic Love EP is the culmination of those factors, making a nod to the 80s with a heavy focus on synths and drum workouts.

“This was an entertaining EP to make, the majority was me sitting down in my studio hitting record and jamming until something sat right. There wasn’t a huge amount of gear involved just an Arturia Keylab MIDI keyboard, my VSTs and the occasional Roland TR-8” – REES 

Locking us into the dance floor right from the start is the EP’s title track, Panoramic Love is a melody-filled electric stunner. Rising arpeggios and extended stabs are what keeps this track on a high-octane energy level. Erimus offers up a piano-led affair, slower but no less emotionally stirring once it reaches its crescendo in the second act. 

Heading into a more playful territory, Dorman Long delights listeners with bright synth leads, perfect for sun-drenched days. Closing out the release is A66, a melancholic yet hopeful cinematic sonic trek designed to keep feet moving until the morning comes.



The North East of England has a strong reputation for creating skilful club selectors and its latest underground music export is Boro born and bred artist REES. His sets are known for refined eclecticism, showcasing his deep knowledge and intense passion for Italo-disco, electro, house and all electronica in between. Equally, his talents as a beat-maker have seen him pushing the envelope in every production, displaying finesse and natural ability in every release. 

It all started on the dancefloors of Riffraff and Shake, where a young Adam Rees became hooked on a new wave of house music. Inspired by a fresh generation of innovators, he decided to start his music career. 

Early gigs supporting the likes of Adryiano, Big Miz, Loods and saw him rapidly climb the DJing ranks, soon leading him to headline shows and a US tour. Following this, Red Light Radio Amsterdam and DJmag mix features saw him gain significant kudos from the electronic scene. This lead to him frequently smashing sets at Ape-X, supporting the likes of Dan Shake, DJ Seinfeld, and Jayda G to headlining and hosting his own events in major cities across the UK. 

During his time on the road, he invested his time in producing, turning his hand to disco jams and feel good edits. Releasing on labels like Apér’House, Chequered Wax and Me Me Me, each track stands out as a REES original, showcasing a knack for making club-ready hits. 

In 2018, he founded the Paradiso imprint, a concept which was born out of wanting to create an idea of everyone’s ideal electronic music paradise. Since then, REES has welcomed Sam Goes To Tokyo, Facer and Pelace into his label family and self-released the Ironopolis EP via this platform. More recently at the start of this year, the ICI International Rhythm sublabel was also established dedicated to releasing emotional and euphoric electronica. 

Both projects, along with writing contributions to Bolting Bits magazine and own insightful blog posts on Paradiso, displays REES total commitment to his passion for music. Furthermore, he often lends a hand to others through the Inner Circle online group, which he founded along with fellow UK artists Paddy and Lemin. 

Not slowing down for one second, 2020 has seen him release on the likes of Ape-X Records and Midnight People, as well as making free download and mix contributions to Feinstoff and Four Four magazine respectively. With well-earned respect and an amount of tremendous support behind him, the future looks extremely promising for REES, an inimitable northern musical talent.

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